Maintain or upgrade your DSC alarm system with BM Security.

DSC alarm systems provide a high level of security for your property, especially if you choose a monitored system. They range from simple intruder alarms to the recently introduced, self-contained wireless Touch system, which allows you to manage your system remotely. One of the advantages of a DSC system is that it can be easily upgraded or integrated with other systems.


Maintenance and monitoring

In order to ensure your alarm system is in good working order, it should be well maintained and serviced regularly. Whether you have a wired or wireless DSC system and be it at home or at work, it can be easily maintained and monitored by BM security.

Why BM Security?

BM Security are DSC alarm specialists and have a wealth of knowledge and years of experience working with DSC alarms. We are able to provide a number of services from maintenance through to upgrade and monitoring and can advise you on how to get the most out of your DSC system.

DSC security systems have several elements which you may wish to upgrade or simply maintain including:

  • Security panel
  • Keypad
  • Window, door and glass break sensors
  • Motion detectors
  • Security alarm communications and receivers
  • Escort module
  • Monitoring options

Security panels

The security panel is the centre of the alarm system and consists of the circuit board, power supply and battery.


The keypad, used to activate and deactivate the alarm, is often hardwired and part of the security panel. This can easily be replaced with a remote wireless keypad that does not have to be next to the main security panel. If you want a more advanced keypad to manage a system’s multiple functions, you can have a touch screen keypad installed.

Window, door and glass break sensors

Window and door sensors are often recognised by insurance providers. They can be used to alert you if windows and doors have been opened in your absence and going one step further, a glass break sensor will alert you to a glass panel being broken. Ideally, door sensors should be installed at all entry points including any semi-external doors, for example to the garage.

Motion detectors

Motion detectors are usually installed on the ground floor in the corner of rooms. It may be that you want to add more or better quality motion detectors to strengthen your security system.

Security alarm communications and receivers

There are different options for primary and backup communication with the alarm. The traditional phone-line communication can be replaced or complemented by wired or wireless transceivers, which protect against cuts in the line. The alarm can be configured so that the system can be programmed remotely.

Different receivers are available depending upon the level of security and monitoring required. BM security are able to advise you on your options.

Escort modules

Escort modules allow remote access and let you use your touch-tone telephone as a keypad for your security system. The more sophisticated escort modules also facilitate the control of other elements in your home such as the temperature via Thermostat Control.

Monitoring options

BM Security offers a number of monitoring contracts, including Keyholder Monitoring and Fire and Police response.