Why Choose DSC Alarm Systems For Your Home?

DSC or Digital Security Controls is a subsidiary of Tyco, an established security system manufacturer started in 1979. The company offers a wide range of security systems from wired or wireless, to their most recently launched product, a self-contained wireless Touch system. One key feature of these alarm systems is that they are versatile and compatible with other third-party products, as well as upgradeable devices. Since the company has been in the industry for several years, there is no question that their products are the optimal choice for your home or premises.

Products That DSC Alarm System Offers:

  • Security Panels, Keypads, and Modules
  • Wireless Home Security
  • Wired Home Security
  • TouchScreen Security Keypad
  • Audio Verification & Integration
  • Business Security
  • Security window Sensors & Accessories
  • Motion Detectors
  • Glassbreak Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Flood Detectors
  • Security Alarm Communications
  • Central Station Receivers

What Are The Key Features Of DSC Alarm Systems?

Escort Module

An escort module is a feature that lets you access your alarm system remotely using any touch-tone telephone. Some DSC alarm systems have a built-in escort module is handy when you need someone to access your home without a code, or do not want to share a code. It allows you to dial your home number from anywhere and enter a security code for the escort module. An automated voice prompt gives you several options even when you are away from your premise. Options available range from bypassing or not bypassing zones, arming or disarming the alarm system, checking the system and zone statuses and so much more. So if you forget to enable the alarm on your doors, or forget to close the garage doors, all you need to do is access your control panel remotely from your phone and you are all set. This feature allows you to monitor your home, or premises from anywhere, giving you peace of mind.

Bell Supervision

Bell supervision helps you identify if your alarm system is connected to the siren and if it is working properly. This is one of the most important features of the DSC alarm system and is not available on other alarm panels. Its function is to continuously monitor the connection between the main alarm panel and the sirens. What makes this so important? It can help you determine if the connection between the main alarm panel to the siren is continuous and unbroken. A broken connection would mean that the alarm would not work. In the event that this happens, the panel causes a beeping sound and flashing lights. So whether there is a problem with the connection or you are just doing a routine battery change, you will be able to identify a problem immediately. If the siren is not functioning properly, the alarm system displays an indicator of a problematic condition on the keypads.

Ease Of Use

You may have inherited a DSC alarm system when moving into a new home, or you might be building your dream home and installing an alarm system and wondering how it works. DSC alarm systems are easy to use and they come with a detailed installation manual which can also be downloaded from their webpage. Some models may even be compatible with other alarm systems making this product very versatile to fit around your every need.

 Innovative Technology

DSC recently launched its powerful all-in-one alarm system called The DSC Touch Wireless Alarm System. It is the next generation automated smart home experience perfect for every home or business. What’s so special about this? The DSC Touch is equipped with Google’s Android operating system, and since it is wireless, it is integrated with Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Z-wave features. With IP communication to alarm.com, your panel will be updated instantly, or manually, with the use of Wi-Fi or an SD card. Getting your alarm system’s firmware updated is important to keep your devices functioning properly without any setbacks. Even though this feature sounds a bit technical, users need not worry because the controls are easy to use and even the not tech savvy will definitely be able to navigate and use the functions with ease.

Now that you know the different features of DSC alarm systems, it is time to get a quote from a dealer near you. BM Security can help you decide the best product or model to use for your home or premises. BM Security are experts in Residential and Commercial security solutions to protect your home, your family and your business. Our specialist engineers can advise on, install and maintain the right security products to keep you and those around you safe. Whether you need an emergency locksmith, a burglar alarm or CCTV system, access control keyless entry, or home automation and smart technology, our experience ensure you receive the best service.

Wireless or wired?

Each type of system, wired or wireless, has advantages and disadvantages. There are also a number of hybrid products which can be used both wired and wirelessly.

Hardwired systems can be more reliable if you are in an area with frequent power outages or internet issues. The installation of these systems can, however, be more disruptive. Wired security sensors are controlled using an analog phone line which is becoming less common with wireless products becoming the norm.

Wireless systems are becoming more sophisticated and tend to use more up to date technology. They can often be backed up in case of internet or power issues. The installation of wireless systems is less disruptive and faster. A wireless system can be updated more easily.