Why might you need a locksmith?

There are some obvious situations that lead you to need a locksmith and fast. However, there are also some instances when it is good to involve a locksmith as a more precautionary measure.

Here are some of the main reasons for calling a trusted locksmith:

You’ve lost your keys

Losing your keys is a pain at the best of times. An emergency locksmith can give you access to your property without the need to break in, and usually without the need to replace your locks.

If you have misplaced your keys alongside items which may help to identify where you live, you should replace the locks.

You have moved into a new house

It is important to have good quality British Standard locks and you should replace any old, damaged or poor quality locks to protect your new property. When you move into a new house, it is also a good idea to change the locks in case the previous owners have lost keys or handed out spares, leaving the security of the property compromised.

You have had building work on your house

When you have building work done on your house, your keys are likely to be shared amongst many people, and not just those you come into contact with. By calling on a locksmith when your property is finished, you can be sure how many keys are in circulation and who has access to your property.

A relationship has come to an end

Splitting up with a partner can be emotional, but dealing with the practicalities is important. Getting a locksmith to fit new locks not only protects you and your property, but it also ensures you don’t come home to find an unwanted guest in your living room.

You fall out with the cleaners

This really applies to anyone you fall out with who has access to your property.

By changing the locks you will have peace of mind that your property and possessions are safe.

You move into a rented flat

Rented property is even more at risk. The turnover of tenants in a rented flat may be extremely high, and the number of keys in circulation equally high. Tenants often have extra keys cut which never make it back to the owner or letting agent. (The letting agent or owner should be made aware that you intend to change the lock.)

You have been burgled

If a burglar has managed to get into your property with keys or has broken through a locked door it is definitely time to consider upgrading your locks. It is also worth checking that your spare keys have not gone missing.

It has been known for burglars to steal keys and return at a later date with even easier access.

You have snapped a key in the lock

An emergency locksmith will be able to let you into the property and help you to determine if the snapped key can be removed, whilst leaving the lock intact, or install a new lock if required.

You have a worn out or an unreliable lock

It is worth calling a locksmith if you have a faulty or unreliable lock. By changing a lock as soon as you are aware of the issue, you are reducing the likelihood of being burgled or finding yourself locked out.

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