Taking Control of Your Security with The RISCO Group


The RISCO Group are a global security solutions company who have been in operation for 40 years. During that time they have become a trailblazer in the field of high-tech security solutions, satisfying millions of customers worldwide. Many global partners include Panasonic, a world leader in electronics and technology, and HIK Vision, the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance products. RISCO operates in both the residential and commercial markets. Their cloud-based security solutions and Smartphone applications cater to a growing trend in the industry. Their aim is to provide the UK and International customers with leading-edge technology, personalised service and customer support as expected with the RISCO brand. RISCO has the latest high-tech products available to you whatever your need as a homeowner or a business owner.

Risco App



With a diverse range of innovative products to meet your security needs, the RISCO Group can provide a variety of benefits to homeowners and business owners that will bring you peace of mind.

Command and Control Software At Your Fingertips While You Are Mobile

The intuitive iRISCO App gives you full control of your home or business security and safety when you are out and about. All you need is your Smartphone. The iRISCO App also has Smart Home features which allow you to control lighting or temperature of your home or open the garage door so that your arrival at home after a busy day is more welcoming for you and your family.

Take Appropriate Action as You See Fit to Give You Peace of Mind

If something unexpected takes place in your home or place of business while you are off-site, you will receive images and video sent straight to your phone. This happens via IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras, whereby the assessment of video footage in real time allows you to decide if it is a real intrusion or a false alarm.

Remote Surveillance

RISCO products don’t just offer safety and security, they also enable you to stay connected to your loved ones while you go about your day. The iRISCO App allows you to initiate live video, so you can feel closer to your family whilst at work or running errands. You can see special family moments taking place in your home, like your toddler’s first steps, or a loved one’s face whilst receiving a surprise delivery, all from your Smartphone.

RISCO Cloud and Innovative Technology

The RISCO Cloud has the ability to handle and manage communications between security systems installed in your home and business. The security and safety of your home or commercial premises can be programmed and controlled via many web-based applications. It is one of the most secure platforms on the market, having encrypted data backed up to ensure you are fully protected. You are also able to view a log of historical events which are backed-up to the RISCO Cloud for future reference if needed.


Agility 3

Agility 3 is a smart wireless alarm system that includes a full range of accessories, to ensure your home, family and business are all protected. Advanced motion detectors have integrated cameras that can detect, record and take pictures of any movement within your home. It is now performance-optimised with an extended range and 3G communication. These are sent directly to your Smartphone or computer. It works by being connected to the RISCO Cloud, which ensures you are in control no matter where you are. In addition to IP cameras, wireless smoke and heat detectors use advanced technologies to ensure early detection of fire hazards, whilst reducing the risk of false alarms.

Agility 3

ProSYS Plus

ProSYS Plus is a security system that allows you to install all your applications on a single platform. It conforms to the highest security standards and has unlimited scalability. It is the ultimate single platform system for Commercial, Industrial, Utilities and Enterprise Sectors. The control panel accommodates 512 zones, and zones can be added or removed as required. Hence, you can ‘pay as you go’ which maximises its cost efficiency.

ProSYS Plus gives Business Owners the ability to do ‘Situation Management’ via the RISCO command and control software. In addition, the advanced RISCO Cloud platform allows users to remotely monitor the system via the iRISCO Smartphone App or web interface. This allows live HD Video Verification and ensures prompt notification of alarm events. For the installer, the Cloud-based remote configuration and maintenance tools minimise service costs.

ProsSYS has innovative architecture, allowing a combination of detector connection technologies from wired to two-way wireless to BUS technology. BUS technology provides remote configuration and diagnostics down to the detector level. This reduces installation time and hence costs.

Flexibility and resilience are assured with a variety of advanced communication options, from multi-socketed IP to 3G to WiFi. ProSYS guarantees your customer’s peace of mind and is the ultimate single platform for all your security needs.



Vupoint is RISCO’s revolutionary ‘Live Video Verification Solution’. It utilises easy-to-install plug and play cameras indoors and outdoors, an unlimited amount of which can be added to your risk or intrusion system. Video-enabled intrusion ensures that if an alarm event occurs, the IP camera is triggered. A 30-second video is sent to you immediately for verification via your iRISCO Smartphone App. You can then decide if the event is real or a false alarm.

Live Video Streaming of your home or Commercial Premises is sent directly to you, enabling you to be in control and have peace of mind while you are out and about. This ‘Look In’ Feature is not just for the security and safety of your family or business, but for you to feel that you can participate in special moments and feel connected. You may see your toddler take their first steps, or a loved one receive a surprise gift. Hence Vupoint is a way for you to participate in the lives of your family whilst physically being away from home. Live Video Streaming on demand is compatible with all RISCO’s intrusion systems.

RISCO Group is a global security solutions company that provides security and safety solutions for your home or business. Their solutions can be as simple as smoke and motion detectors for your home, to high-tech cloud-based security for up to 512 buildings controlled on a single platform. Their aim is to consistently provide customers with the cutting-edge technology, personalised service and customer support as expected with the RISCO brand.