15 Security Tips

Wherever you live in the UK, a burglary is a possibility. Hence you must follow some security tips to prevent your property from being violated.

There is no feeling like returning home after a hard day at work, or a holiday to discover your home upturned.

Follow our 15 simple and inexpensive tips to secure your home.

Lock your front door

It may sound like the most obvious security tip, but locking up is important and we don’t just mean when you go out. The front door is one of the most common entry points for burglars. Leaving the door unlocked when you are in bed or in the garden provides an easy entry for a burglar. You would be surprised how little time they need in your property to free you of your valuables.

Bonus security tip: Always know where your keys are in case you need to leave the property in an emergency.

Secure all doors and gates

Make sure your property is secured all round. Interlocking garage doors are often a weak point, allowing easy access to the house. They should always be locked, especially if you are out or away. Securing gates with a weatherproof padlock is a simple way of adding a layer of security to your property.

Close and lock windows

Windows should be fitted with key-operated window locks and not left open. Even a small open window provides a possible entry point for a burglar. Insurance companies will often look favourably on properties with window locks.

Use high-quality locks

Ensure all the locks and padlocks you use are high quality and are British Standard approved.

Keep your keys safe and out of reach

Locking your door is an obvious first line of defence but if your keys are easy to find or even easy to reach, it becomes an ineffective barrier. Burglars will look under plant pots or fish through letterboxes to reach house and car keys which are often left on hooks near the door. It doesn’t take long for a burglar to break a pane of glass and reach through for the key.

Bonus security tip: Avoid leaving a key in the lock of a glass-panelled door as it provides an easy route in

Consider changing your locks

If you feel like your security may have been compromised, consider changing your locks. You will need a trusted locksmith who can complete alike for like the switch or upgrade your locks.

Install a Burglar Alarm

Install a good quality burglar alarm and once you have one, make sure you use it. Burglar alarms act as an immediate deterrent and are more effective if burglars know they are likely to be monitored.

Hide your valuables

Make sure that your valuables are out of site. Many thieves are opportunists and are much more likely to risk breaking in if they know what they are to gain.

Invest in a safe

You may think that your clothes drawers make a good hiding place for valuables but thieves know this too. Valuables are best kept in a safe that is bolted to the floor or wall. You may wish to keep some larger or less frequently used items in the loft, where a burglar is less likely to venture.

Dispose carefully of your rubbish.

Packaging for expensive new toys and gadgets can act as an advert for burglars. Only put packaging out just before the recycling is collected or better still, take it to a waste-recycling centre.

Light up your property

The addition of a security light or two will significantly improve the security of your property. A light with a motion sensor will alert you to anyone approaching your property and make them immediately more exposed.

Install CCTV

CCTV allows you to monitor any activity on your property 24/7. It can be used not only for break-ins but also if you have trouble with vandalism or trespassing.


Get a door with a spy hole or install an intercom system

It can be very reassuring knowing who is at the door before you open it. A simple spy hole will allow you to do this or better still an intercom system where you can also communicate without having to open the door.

Cancel your deliveries whilst away

The obvious deliveries to cancel are the paper and still in some cases, the milk. Although anything you order online which is left outside offers an indication you may be away. Added to this, a pile of the post behind the door, especially if it is on view, is a good indicator that there is nobody home.

Be careful on social media

Make sure you have closed networks on any social media where you are posting that you are away on holiday so that only close friends and family are aware that you are not at home. Announcing your holiday plans in an open forum could leave you more open to burglary and theft.

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