How To Make Your Garden Secure

Security Tips- Garden

In recent years, over 4 billion pounds have been spent on garden plants, ornaments, equipment, and landscaping annually. This simply means that there’s more to steal from just a garden than there used to be in the past. Over half of all households in the United Kingdom have had items stolen from their gardens according to a survey last 2016. Just imagine 1 out of 7 households in a year experience garden theft. And depending on where you live, the statistics might be higher.

Check For Damages

Fences are the first line of defence in your home. Checking for damages on your perimeter ensures the safety and security of your garden and home. Installing trellis to the top of your fence would make it harder to climb, and might not hold an intruder’s weight. When winter season is over, it’s time to inspect the hedges and do some trimming. Overgrown bushes or hedges might be possible hiding places for burglars or intruders. Double check locks around the gate, shed and around your home. Replace any that are rusty or those that look vulnerable.

Secure Valuable and Ornaments

Do not just leave valuables lying around, always remember to lock up your power tools after using, or park the bike in the shed. Placing ornaments and decor makes your garden more beautiful but can also be inviting to thieves. With the price of scrap metal arising, these ornaments might just be their next target. Using a land anchor can help lock down your decors making it harder for burglars to remove them from your garden. If you have a pond with expensive fish species like koi carps, secure them with chicken wire over your pond to keep them from being easily stolen.

Build Strong Locks

Based on statistics, bicycles and power tools are the two most commonly stolen items, as well as garden furniture, even ornaments, and plants. Strong locks for your shed is important in securing your valuables. Using clutch-head screws to attach to the hasp and latch, as well as the hinges, is a good way of securing your shed as thieves can’t just simply unscrew them without bothering to remove your padlock.

Secure Your Pathway or Driveway

Thieves are always on stealth-mode when they are on the prowl. Using gravel on pathways and or driveways makes it impossible for them to sneak their way in quietly. Anyone who walks on gravel will make a sound. Lighting is also one of the most cost-efficient ways of securing your pathway or driveway. Installing motion-sensor lights or just simply turning on your lights at night ensures burglar’s that the house isn’t empty. This discourages burglars from invading your garden or home.

Installing A Security System

The most secure and effective method is to install a security system for your garden and home. Your garden is the first line of defence to your home. There are several security system options to choose from that would suit your needs. Security lighting around your home using low voltage LED lights will serve as a deterrent. Windows needs to be secured, most importantly, as these would serve as a way for intruders to see the inside of your home or be able to climb or break in. Installing alarm systems all around your home, from windows to doors is crucial. Make your CCTV cameras visible. This would let possible intruders be aware that they are being watched. Putting up signs of your security company like stickers on your window or door, or placing a sign out in your garden, would also be a great way to alert burglars that your home is protected.

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