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What is Access Control?

Access control is a system that helps you control who has access to your property. Using a range of technologies, including electronic tokens, cards, numerical keypads and even fingerprint recognition instead of keys, to provide access to a building. You can monitor who enters and leaves your property, the key for the safety of your employees and the sensitive information you may store on your premises. Access to the system is controlled electronically.

Why Choose BM Security for Access Control?

Our engineers are experienced professionals, with extensive training in the installation of access control systems. Our systems can be tailored to your individual needs, offering audio, video and automatic control. They are also vandal resistant and provide additional security to traditional locks.

Not a Normal Lock and Key

While access control works in a similar way to traditional locks and keys, it is far more convenient and secure. The system involves keypad and proximity card, with a button to allow entrance. Best suited to commercial properties, access control can be monitored with smartphones.

When keys are lost or stolen, it is expensive to replace them and change locks, but if tokens are lost or stolen, they are simply barred from the system. Replacements are reprogrammed quickly and easily, saving you time and money.

Want a Different Form of Home Security?

If you want to secure your property but aren’t sure that access control is right for you, contact us for a free security review. We will tailor the solution to your needs.

Other Services


Emergency Locksmith Services

Let our network of emergency locksmiths help you out of whatever problem you find yourself in.

BM Security is an established locks specialist for all situations. When you've locked yourself out, something isn't working as it should, or you need to change the locks after a move or a break in. We can also help you upgrade your security with the full range of British Standard insurance approved locks, and a wide selection of additional door and window locks.

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Alarm System

Burglar Alarm Systems

Our burglar alarms offer 24-hour protection with various monitoring and response options.

If you’re concerned about security and want to protect your home or business, BM Security has the solution with an extensive range of burglar alarms that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it is a simple bells only system, or one with a Police link, our expert Police vetted engineers will install it.

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CCTV Systems

CCTV Security Systems

Protect your home, family and your business with a bespoke CCTV System from BM Security.

CCTV installation is a key aspect of security. It provides a strong visual deterrent to burglars, as well as providing valuable evidence to be used by the Police, should a break in occur. Installation may even lower your insurance premiums.

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Access Control Systems

Access control uses a range of technologies including electronic tokens, cards, numerical keypads and even finger print recognition instead of keys, to provide access.

You can manage who enters and leaves your premises, key for the safety of your employees and the sensitive information you may store on your premises. Access to the system is controlled electronically, and lost or stolen tokens can be deactivated, making them useless.

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Home Automation

Home Automation & Smart Technology

There are now a whole host of ways in which you can monitor and control your home from your smartphone, including wireless cameras, smart locks and motion sensors. Many security devices can be bought on their own or as part of a smart security system or hub that enables you to connect up a number of different devices including smart cameras, smoke alarms, sensors, burglar alarms and locks to work in tandem.

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